Quick Add Application dialog box

Note: This dialog box is only available if you log in using ALM or a UFT license.

This dialog box enables you to add a new application to your application list by selecting it from a list of currently running applications.

UI Example
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To access

In Plan mode:

  • Create or open a test or component.

  • In the right pane, click the Steps tab.

  • Expand the Steps Capture button and choose Application Settings.

  • Select Add > Quick Add.

In Run mode:

  • Select Power Mode Settings > Applications tab> Add > Quick Add .

Important information

Application details are entered automatically.

  • To change the application details, open the Add/Edit Application dialog box (Power Mode group > Application node. Select the application from the application list and click the Edit button.)

  • Quick Add does not automatically enter the URL of Web applications in the URL field. You need to enter the URL information manually in the Add/Edit Application dialog box.

Quick Add automatically selects the technologies used in developing the application being tested.

  • You need to ensure that all the technologies that were used to develop your application are selected.

  • Some technologies depend on other technologies to run. Some of these dependencies are automatically selected and disabled in the Technologies list.

  • Web is selected by default for Web applications.

For desktop applications that use ActiveX and Web applications:

  • Sprinter can only work with these applications if they start when the runs begins. Sprinter is set by default to start these applications when the run begins.

For desktop applications that do not use ActiveX:

  • Sprinter can work with these applications if they were already running when the run begins. Sprinter is set by default to not run these applications when the run begins.