Add or remove words from a dictionary

This section explains how to modify a dictionary for the Spellcheck scanner. For details, see Sprinter scanners.

In normal use, if your scanner detects a spelling error, you can choose to add the word to the scanner directly from the Scan Results user interface using the Add to button. For details, see Scan Results viewer.

When modifying a dictionary, you need to modify it on ALM and on the local copy stored on the file system.

This section describes how to manually add entries to the dictionary, and how to remove exiting entries.

The dictionaries used are based on the OpenOffice Hunspell dictionaries.

This task includes the following steps:

  1. Download the dictionary file from ALM

    1. Log into Application Lifecycle Management with administrator privileges.

    2. Open the Test Resources module.

    3. Select Resources > Sprinter > <your_user_name>/SpellChecker.

    4. Click the Resource Viewer tab.

    5. Click Download to download the dictionary file in XML format and save it on the file system.

  2. Edit the file

    1. Open the saved file in a text or XML editor.

    2. Locate the Elements list for your language.

    3.  <Key>English</Key>
              <Value objectID="5" type="System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]], mscorlib">
                <Elements isCollection="True">
    4. To add a word, add an entry for each word in the following format: <String>New_Word</String>.

    5. To remove a word, delete the entire line with the word.

    6. Save the file.

  3. Upload the dictionary file to ALM

    In Application Lifecycle Management's Test Resources module, in the Resource View tab, click Upload File to upload the file to Application Lifecycle Management.

  4. Modify the local copy of the SpellChecker.xml file, located in the following folder: 

    Sprinter 24.2 or later: %APPDATA%\OpenText\Sprinter.

    Sprinter 2023-23.4: %APPDATA%\Micro Focus\Sprinter.

    Open the file in a text editor and add or remove the same word from the XML file.