Create a custom scanner

This section describes how to create a custom scanner for your application.

Scanners can be used only in tests run in Power Mode.

This task includes the following steps:

  1. Open the sample scanner

    Open the sample scanner project located in <Installation_Directory>\Samples\Scanners\BrokenLinks\

  2. Implement the interface

    Make sure to implement the IScanner interface located in the <Installation_Directory>\bin\HP.Sprinter.Scanners.API.dll.

    If you are using additional external dependencies, note that the custom scanner's working folder during run time is <Installation_Directory>\bin.

  3. Save the custom scanner

    Save custom scanner assemblies in the <Installation_Directory>\bin\CustomScanners folder in order to allow it to load when you invoke Sprinter.

  4. Configure scanner settings

    Restart Sprinter and activate Power Mode. Activate and define the custom scanner settings as necessary.

    For complete information about the Scanners API provided with Sprinter, see the Sprinter API references.