What's New in Sprinter 2023-24.2

Sprinter versions 2023-24.2 introduce the following features and enhancements.


This section describes the changes provided in each release: 

Sprinter 24.2:

The Sprinter default installation now uses the %PROGRAMDATA%/OpenText/Sprinter and %APPDATA%/OpenText/Sprinter folders.

If you have files in the %PROGRAMDATA%/Micro Focus/Sprinter and %APPDATA%/Micro Focus/Sprinter folders from previous versions, move them manually to preserve your Sprinter configuration.

Sprinter 23.4:

  • The Sprinter user interface and documentation is updated to reflect that Micro Focus is now OpenText.

  • Support for SAPGUI 8.00 64-bit.

  • Silverlight support was discontinued.

Sprinter 2023:

  • Support for Java 64-bit applications.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Maintenance for Internet Explorer was discontinued.

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Digital Lab (formerly UFT Mobile) integration

Sprinter supports working with the following Digital Lab versions:

  • Version 23.4: Supports Digital Lab 23.4.

  • Version 2023: Supports Digital Lab 2023.

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