Macros sidebar

Relevant for Power Mode only

This sidebar enables you to record and run macros during your test run.

UI Example
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To access

During a test run, click the Macros sidebar tab.

  • Click the sidebar tab again, or click off the sidebar tab, to close the sidebar.

  • To lock the sidebar in the open position, click the thumbtack icon.

  • To reposition the sidebar, click and drag on the sidebar header.

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


Record/Stop. Starts and stops recording user actions you perform in your application. Each defined app has its own macros. Remember to select the desired application using the Application Settings button before recording.

When you stop recording, the Macro Details dialog box opens, enabling you to name and save your macro.

Run. Runs the selected macro from the macros drop-down list.

<Macros drop-down list>

The list of macros you can run in this test. Sprinter associates macros with the application for which they were created.

<Macros status>

The Macros sidebar displays an icon in its tab indicating the progress of the macro and the success or failure of a macro that was run. Click the icon for more details.