Sprinter Scanners API Reference
Getting Started


You can write a scanner to perform application-dependent checks on the the data received from the application under test.

Some scanners are provided with Sprinter. For example, the spell-checker and Web Standards validator. See the Sprinter documentation for more details.


Developing a scanner requires .NET programming, and knowledge of the application under test and the nature of the data the application returns.

The .NET framework, version 4 or higher must be installed on the development and run-time environments.

Development Project

Set up a project to create a Windows Class Library.

Add a reference to HP.Sprinter.Scanners.API. This component is in the <Sprinter Installation>\bin folder.

Implement the IScanner Interface. Implement other interfaces defined in the HP.Sprinter.Scanners.API Assembly according to the requirements of your application.

Code your scanner to be thread-safe.


To deploy your scanner, place the assembly DLL and any file on which the scanner depends in the <Sprinter Installation>\bin\CustomScanners folder under the Sprinter installation.

If the scanner is compatible with the type of the AUT (Application Under Test) and the run mode is appropriate, Sprinter runs the scanner while executing the test. See the Sprinter documentation to see the run modes in which scanners are run.

Run-Time Working Folder

At run time, the working folder is <Sprinter Installation>\bin.