SRF and other ADM tools

SRF integrates with UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), and Octane to leverage your current Micro Focus functional testing solutions.

UFT support

SRF support for UFT includes the following:

Supported versions 14.01 and higher
Technologies GUI testing: Web, Mobile
Uploading tests / Remote testing After connecting to the SRF lab.

For more details, see Record and run UFT tests remotely and Upload UFT tests.

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UFT Pro (LeanFT) support

SRF's support for UFT Pro (LeanFT) includes the following:

Supported SDK version 14.03
Remote testing Java, C#, and JavaScript SDKs

Java SDK with JUnit 4.11

JavaScript SDK with Mocha 2.53

For more details, see:

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Octane support

SRF integrates with Micro Focus Octane for defect management.

For details, see Create defects and the Octane Help Center.

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