Manage workspaces

Tab: Workspace tree at the left; SRF Admins only

SRF workspaces enable enterprise customers to scale up their functional testing, separating data as needed for various groups. Each workspace provides users with an entire area of SRF all for themselves, with their own settings, scripts, and tests.

Create and browse between workspaces

To create new SRF workspace, do the following:

  1. Log in to SRF as an Admin user, and click Settings .
  2. At the top of the workspaces tree on the left, click Add.

A blank workspace is created with you as the first Admin user. Add users to the workspace to grant them access. For details, see Manage SRF users.

SRF Admin users can access and define all settings for each of their workspaces. If you are an Admin user in multiple workspaces, select the one you want to work with from the workspace tree on the left.

Licenses are shared across workspaces, but settings apply to specific workspaces only. For more details, see Access and update SRF settings.

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Rename a workspace

To rename a workspace, hover over and then click the workspace name in the tree.

Update or enter the new name, and press ENTER.

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Delete a workspace

To delete a workspace, do the following:

  1. In the workspace tree, hover over the workspace name and click the options menu .
  2. Click Delete .

Note: Only Admin users can delete workspaces. SRF does not allow you to delete your only workspace.

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Manage users for all workspaces

In the workspace tree on the left, click Admin Settings, and then click the USER MANAGEMENT tab.

Each workspace must always have at least one admin user assigned.

For more details, see Manage SRF users.

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View tenant license information

To view license information for all workspaces in the tenant, display the workspace tree on the left, and select User Management.

The LICENSE INFORMATION graph displayed on the right shows how many licenses are currently in use, and your license expiration date.

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