Supported browsers

This topic references the browsers supported when working with SRF.

If you are running mobile device tests, see the lists of supported and certified devices in the Mobile Lab User Guide.

Supported browsers for accessing SRF

Access SRF in any of the listed browsers and screen resolutions.


Micro Focus validates SRF on the most recently available browser versions.

Validated versions currently Chrome up to version 67, and Firefox up to version 59.

SRF may work on other browsers and older browser versions, but without optimal results or performance.

Screen resolutions

Recommended: 1920 x 1080

Supported: 1600 x 900, 1366 x 768

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Supported browsers for testing

The SRF environment lab supports a dynamic list of browsers and resolutions available for testing, as well as Windows and Linux operating systems, and Android and iOS devices.

Browsers include:

Desktop browsers

Automation test runs: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Exploratory sessions: Chrome, Firefox

Recording: Chrome

Mobile browsers

All testing scenarios:

  • Android: Chrome
  • iOS: Safari

Tip: For more details, set up a test and start adding environments. Start your free trial!

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