Upload LeanFT tests

SRF enables you to upload Web and Mobile tests from LeanFT as SRF assets.

Upload your LeanFT test

You may need to edit your test before uploading it to SRF. Only .js scripts are editable in SRF. All other file types are read-only. For details, see Edit .js scripts.

Before uploading a LeanFT test to SRF, modify your code as needed in the following scenarios:

When you're done preparing your test, upload LeanFT tests to SRF from the SRF SCRIPTS tab. For details, see Basic upload steps.

For details about supported test types, see UFT Pro (LeanFT) support.

Run results for uploaded LeanFT tests

Snapshots in run results for uploaded LeanFT tests are affected by snapshot levels set in the script. For more details, see the LeanFT Help Center.

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LeanFT code samples for upload

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