Manage users

Manage SRF workspace users and view user role and licensing data.

Tab: USER MANAGEMENT; SRF Admins only.

Add or remove users

Define the Micro Focus SaaS users who have access to your SRF tenant or workspace, and their roles.

  1. In the workspace tree on the left, do one of the following:

    • Click a specific workspace to manage that workspace's users.
    • Click Admin Management to manage overall SRF tenant users.
  2. Click MANAGE USERS.

  3. Select any users you want to add, or clear the selection for any users you want to remove.

    Click SAVE to go back to the grid.

The ROLE column indicates the users role. For more details, see SRF user roles.

Note: Users must first be defined for your Micro Focus SaaS account before you can add them to your SRF tenant.

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View workspace license information

To view license information for a selected workspace, select your workspace in the tree on the left.

The LICENSE INFORMATION graph displayed on the right shows how many licenses are currently in use, and your license expiration date.

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