Access and update SRF settings

This section describes how SRF Admins can configure SRF settings, including managing users, generating authentication details for connecting to SRF remotely, and more.

Access settings

To view the Settings area, click the Settings icon in the top-right hand corner of SRF.

Select a tab across the top of the Settings area to view and update workspace settings. If you are an Admin user, click Admin management at the top left to view and update settings across workspaces.

Do any of the following:

Click EXIT SETTINGS at the top-left to leave the Settings area and return to the main SRF area.

Tip: The SRF settings area is visible to SRF Admins and Testers only. Some areas are read-only for SRF Testers.

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Workspace tree

If you are an Admin user, the workspace tree is shown to the left, and the workspace you are currently editing the settings for is indicated above the settings tabs.

If you are an Admin user, and are assigned to multiple workspaces, click another workspace in the tree to edit that workspace's settings. Click Admin management at the top of the tree to handle settings that apply across all workspaces in your tenant.

For more details, see Manage workspaces.

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