Define run settings

Define settings for running scripts, tests, and exploratory sessions.

Tab: SETTINGS; read-only for SRF Testers

Set testing timeouts

Define the number of minutes SRF allows a test or script to run before timing out and stopping the test or script.

Drag the ball along the timeout range to modify each setting.

Example: The default timeouts are 45 minutes for scripts and 90 minutes for tests:

  • If a single script has not finished in 45 minutes, SRF will stop the script.
  • If a complete test has not finished in 90 minutes, SRF will stop the test.

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Define video recording settings

Define when SRF saves a video recording of your automation web test or exploratory web session, on Windows or Mac.

Options include:

  • Always. SRF saves a video recording of each run session.
  • Never. SRF does not save any run session video recordings.
  • Failures only. SRF saves run session video recordings in the case of run failures only.

Run session recordings are kept for 30 days, and then deleted.

Access recordings from your test or session results. For details, see View more result details.

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