Remote testing

Record and run your tests remotely in SRF to leverage SRF's cloud environments and analysis features.

Results are shown in SRF's RESULTS page, and aggregated into SRF dashboard widget data.

Connect your testing tool to SRF

Use an SRF client secret to connect your testing tool to SRF, and then run your test as you would regularly from your testing tool.

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Remote testing from LeanFT, Selenium, or Appium

When working in LeanFT or Selenium, use capability code inside your test to define your testing environment.

Available options include browser and device values, as well as SRF feature values, such as the tunnel you want to use if you are connecting from behind a firewall.

For details, see Capability reference.

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Run results for remote testing

Details about steps that occur only in the local testing tool are filtered out of the SRF test results.

For example, if UFT reads a local file before running a step in SRF, this local step is shown only in UFT test results.

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