Introducing StormRunner Functional

StormRunner Functional (SRF) is a cutting edge solution that enables developers and test engineers to intelligently run functional tests in the cloud, across a variety of environments.

Quick start options

Use the QUICK START options on the left of the SRF HOME page to do any of the following:

Record a mobile script

For mobile tests, connect devices before you start. For details, see Mobile lab management.

Then, start recording your scripts. For details, see Record scripts.

Record web scripts

Record scripts to use across your SRF tests. For details, see Record scripts.

Create new automation tests

Create new automation tests, including recorded and uploaded scripts.

For details, see Manage automation tests.

Start new exploratory sessions

Perform manual testing and take screenshots. Add comments to your testing session, and connect to Octane or JIRA Cloud to report defects while testing.

For details, see:

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Run your tests

Run your tests directly in SRF, remotely from your local testing tool, or as part of your continuous integration cycle.

Run tests in SRF

Work entirely in the cloud by running your tests directly in the SRF UI. When you do this, you can either record new scripts in SRF, or upload existing tests.

For details, see:

Run tests remotely

Run tests remotely to leverage SRF's cloud environment and analysis features with your local testing tool.

Supported remote testing tools include UFT, LeanFT, Selenium, and Appium.

Additionally, run tests directly from the SAP Web IDE with the SRF feature enabled.

For details, see Remote testing and SAP Web IDE integration.

Continuous integration

Trigger tests as part of your continuous integration cycle. For details, see Continuous delivery tools.

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Analyze results

Analyze results from your SRF test runs in graphs and widgets, across environments and time.


View basic graphs and widgets on the SRF HOME page dashboard. For details, see Dashboard.


Drill down on the RESULTS tab to analyze your test results across environments and time.

The RESULTS tab includes results from all tests run in the SRF lab, including remote tests and tests triggered by Jenkins, and exploratory sessions.

For details, Run SRF tests and analyze results.

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Micro Focus DevOps Suite

StormRunner Functional is a member of the DevOps Suite. The DevOps Suite is an integrated suite of agile and DevOps tools in a single package.

The DevOps Suite helps your Agile and DevOps teams govern, test, and monitor your software.

For more information, or to arrange a demo, see DevOps Suite.

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Join our community!

Join our online community to share questions and comments about SRF. Help create a valuable knowledge pool of data and people as the forum grows.

For details, see StormRunner Functional User Discussions.

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