Content and PDFs

SRF documentation includes the following help content and PDF guides:


Get Started    
  Access and update SRF settings   Learn how to configure SRF settings, generate authentication details for connecting remotely, and more.

Supported browsers for accessing SRF


View the list of supported browsers and screen resolutions for accessing SRF.

  Supported testing environments   View the list of supported testing environments in SRF.
  Run SRF tests and analyze results   Learn how to run tests in SRF and view results and license consumption.

Exploratory sessions

  Learn how to perform exploratory testing sessions on the fly.

Create defects

  Learn how to create defects during your SRF testing sessions.

ADM tools integrations

  Describes the Application Delivery Management tools supported with SRF.
  JIRA integration   Describes how to integrate SRF and JIRA to manage your JIRA defects.

Selenium web testing

  Describes how SRF integrates with Selenium.
  Appium mobile testing   Describes how SRF integrates with Appium.

SAP Web IDE integration

  Describes how to manage and run your tests remotely from your SAP Web IDE.

Continuous delivery tools

  Describes how to run your tests as part of your Jenkins continuous delivery cycle.
  Applitools visual validations   Describes how to run your tests with Applitools.
  Tracking Google Analytics  

Describes how to pull your site's Google Analytics data in to SRF, helping you understand which environments most need testing.

  SRF's Public API  

Describes how to access and use SRF's public API.

Mobile Lab    
  Mobile lab management Describes how to use SRF's Mobile Lab and connected devices.
  Video gallery   Learn more about using SRF from our instructional videos.