Capability reference

This section lists the supported capabilities when running tests remotely in LeanFT, Selenium, and Appium.

Uploaded tests with capability code

When running an uploaded test to SRF that includes capability code, SRF simply ignores the capability code and runs it using the environment selected in SRF.

For more details, see Upload tests and scripts.

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Additional capability references

LeanFT, Selenium, and Appium each support additional capabilities for defining browsers, devices, and other mobile properties.

For details, see:

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Common SRF feature capabilities

Use the following capabilities to define to define SRF feature values aside from browser or device descriptions:


Build number to associate the run results with

String (case as is)
clientID / clientSecret

SRF client ID value / client secret value generated for you to use to access SRF remotely.

In LeanFT, enter your access values in the LeanFT Runtime Engine settings.

For more details, see Manage remote access.

Selenium and Appium only.

String (case as is)

release Release number to associate the run results with String (case as is)

SRF run result tags for the test you want to run.

These tags can help identify your results in the SRF results.

String array, string case as is

testName The SRF test name that appears in the SRF RESULTS tab. String (case as is)
tunnelID / tunnelName

ID number / name of the SRF tunnel you want to use to run your test.

Note: Run your tunnel before you run your test.

For details, see Manage tunnels.

String, case as is

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