Create defects

This topic describes how to create defects in Octane, JIRA, or ALM throughout your testing cycle, directly from SRF.

Connect to your defect management system

Ensure that your ALM, Octane or JIRA connection is defined on the SRF settings page.

Some settings are editable by SRF Admin users only.

For details, see Connect to a lifecycle management system.

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Submit a defect

Do the following:

  1. Open defects from an exploratory session or from a results details page.

    For details, see:

  2. In the SUBMIT DEFECT dialog box, enter the details for your defect, such as release or cycle values, and attach any relevant screenshots as needed.

    SRF automatically populates the SUBMIT DEFECT dialog box with relevant details about your steps, such as screenshots captured.

  3. Click SUBMIT to create your defect.

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