SRF's Public API

SRF's public API enables you to interact with your SRF tenant, including creating and getting tests, running tests, and getting test results.

Access the public API programmatically

Access SRF's public API by doing the following:

  1. Get an SRF Access Token. To do so, perform the following request using an SRF client ID and secret.




    "loginName": "string",

    "password": "string"



    • loginName = Your SRF client ID
    • password = Your SRF client secret

    For more details, see Manage remote access.

    Note: The Access Token value is valid for an hour, after which you'll need to acquire a new one.

  2. Add the following header to your API requests:




    Bearer<Access Token>

    where the Access Token value is the value returned from step 1.

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Use the SRF interactive API help

SRF's interactive API help enables you to browse the public API and perform actions in your SRF tenant, such as running tests and accessing run results.

Click one of the following to access the interactive API help, depending on where your SRF tenant is hosted:

Expand each operation to view additional details, including sample code and operation models.

Perform operations using the interactive API help

Use the SRF interactive help to perform actions in your SRF tenant via API.

  1. At the top of the page, log in using an SRF client ID and secret.

    For more details, see Manage remote access.

  2. Navigate down to the operation you want to perform, and click Try it out.

    Enter values for each parameter, using value fields and drop-down menus. Each operation has different parameters, each with their own descriptions and/or prompt texts.

  3. Click Execute to perform the operation as defined.

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