Selenium web testing

This topic describes SRF's support for testing with Selenium. SRF's Selenium support includes:

  • Uploading Selenium tests to SRF, and then running them from SRF
  • Running tests remotely from your Selenium remote web driver

Supported versions

SRF supports Selenium version 3.14.

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Supported libraries

SRF supports the following Selenium libraries:

Selenium webdriver See
Chai See

Ruby 2.4:

  • Capybara 2.17.0
  • Cucumber 3.1.0
  • RSpec 3.7.0
  • Watir 6.10.3
  • Selenium-Webdriver 3.8.0
  • Rack 2.0.4


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Supported languages

Uploading tests: Mocha 2.53, for JavaScript files | JUnit 4.11, for Java files | Ruby 2.4

Remote testing: All languages supported by Selenium, including Java, C#, JS, Python, Ruby, and more.

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