Upload UFT tests

Upload a Web or Mobile test from UFT to SRF to use it in modular automation tests in the cloud.

Upload tests from UFT

If you already have the test opened in UFT, or the test is conveniently accessible from UFT, use the SRF button in the UFT toolbar to upload your test.

  1. Verify that you have a valid connection to the SRF lab.

  2. In the UFT toolbar, click the Upload to StormRunner Functional button arrow.

    Select one of the following:

    Upload From File System

    Drag and drop the test in the upload box, or browse to the test you want to upload.

    Upload Active Test

    Select to upload the test that's currently active in UFT.

  3. Optionally, enter a new name for your test in SRF.

  4. Select your test type:

    • Select Mobile only if you are testing mobile apps on mobile devices.

    • Select Web if you are testing browsers, whether they are mobile or desktop browsers.

    Note: Cross browser testing defined by browser parameters in UFT is ignored by SRF.

    Define your testing environment in SRF before running your test.

  5. Click Upload. Your test is zipped, together with any relevant external resources, and uploaded to SRF.

    When the upload is complete, UFT displays a link to the test in SRF. Your test remains open in UFT.

Test parameters and data tables in uploaded tests

SRF can pull test parameter values from the uploaded tests. While you cannot add or remove parameters after uploading, you can define new values for your test runs in SRF.

Additionally, SRF pulls any iteration data from data tables uploaded with your test, and runs your test for the number of rows you have specified.

Note: Make sure to add the parameter names on the SRF SCRIPTS tab before your test run.

For more details, see Script parameter runtime values.

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Upload tests from SRF

Upload UFT tests from within SRF from the SCRIPTS page.

For details, see Basic upload steps.

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