SRF's HOME tab dashboard displays widgets and graphs with details about the currently running tests, recent test results, and more.

For example, the TEST RESULTS TRENDS shows the success rate of your tests over time. The LATEST TEST RUNS widget shows details about recently run tests.

Configure widgets

Each widget has its own set of customizable settings. Click the Configure Widget icon in the upper right corner of the widget to modify the data displayed.

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Examine the trend

The TEST RESULTS TRENDS widget lets you understand the trends of your recent tests. You can see how many tests passed on a certain day and determine the overall trend of your test runs over time.

Using filters, you can choose to display tests with a certain status, such as Passed and Completed. Click through the dots at the bottom of the widget to cycle through the recent test run statuses.

The following example shows that the overal trend of successful tests improved as time progressed, while on the 19th of December, 20 tests succeeeded, 2 failed, and 6 ran with errors.

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Watch a specific test

On the HOME page, click Add Widget to add a custom widget to monitor a specific test.

The added widget displays the current test status and details about recent runs.

Click through the dots at the bottom of the widget to cycle through the recent test run statuses.

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Determine what to test

Use SRF's MY ANALYTICS widget to help you understand which environments most need testing.

This widget pulls your site's analytics data, such as the Google Analytics on your site, and conveniently displays them on your SRF dashboard.

  1. (Admin only) Configure your Google Analytics settings. For details, see Enable Google Analytics.

  2. On the HOME tab, click Add your analytics to add your widget.

  3. Click Configure Widget to select the data you want to view.

    Select the amount of days you want to view data for, and the view ID you want to pull data from.

Your data graph is displayed in MY ANALYTICS widget on the HOME tab.

  • Use the dropdown at the top right to select the type of data to display.

  • Hover over a column for more details.

  • Data numbers do not include the current day.

Use the data displayed here to understand which environments you should be selecting for your tests.

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View license consumption

License consumption data is also shown on the HOME tab, in a widget on the left.

For example:

This widget displays data from all tenant workspaces, unless you are working with licenses allocated per workspace. In that case, this widget displays data from your current workspace only.

Note: SRF administrators can also view license details in the SRF settings area.

For details, see View and manage licenses.

SRF license consumption

An SRF license is consumed for each SRF desktop or mobile environment use. These include:

  • Running tests, remotely or directly in SRF on the cloud
  • Performing exploratory sessions
  • Recording from SRF, or using SRF's lab to record remotely

Concurrent licenses can cover any mixture of these scenarios, for as long as there are available licenses.

For more details about licenses, see the Service Description document you received with your account purchase.

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