What's New - StormRunner Load 2.95

The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner Load.

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New Jenkins Trending Report

A new report in Jenkins enables you to see performance trends of a StormRunner Load test included in a Jenkins job.

You can view trends for the last 5-10 runs of a load test and can see the improvement or minor and major regressions in average transaction response time and 90th percentile maximum transaction response time.

Trends are measured against either the previous run, or a designated benchmark run.

For more details, see Use the Jenkins Plugin.

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Filter Results

We have added a date picker in the Results page so that you can select a date range to display load tests run for a specific period.

Also, when viewing test results, you can now more easily see and manage groupings, which are displayed on a separate line.

For more details, see Manage a large set of tests.

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Download All Error Snapshots

When viewing a test run's script errors, you can now download snapshots of all the errors with a single click. A zip file containing a separate snapshot for each error is created.

For more details, see Find out if anything went wrong with your test.

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Zoom to a Specific Time Frame in a Test Run

When viewing test results, in addition to dragging, stretching, or shrinking the time slider, you can now change the start and end time counters directly.

For more details, see Zoom to a specific time frame in the test run,

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We now support Dynatrace versions 6.5 and later.

For more details, see Add a Dynatrace monitor.

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