Public API

Our API enables developers to perform actions such as login and run a test in LoadRunner Cloud. The public API is HTTP-based and RESTful. JSON is returned by all API responses.

At the end of each test run, a report is sent by email.

Access the public API help

To access the public API, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Public API Help to access the full online documentation.
  2. Enter your LoadRunner Cloud credentials.
  3. Click an operation to expand its full details.
  4. For each operation, click Try it out to perform the operation using the parameters you’ve specified.

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Integrate an application with LoadRunner Cloud

Use the following methods to integrate an application with LoadRunner Cloud:

  1. Invoke the /v1/auth API. The API returns an access token.
  2. To use any other API, set the LWSSO_COOKIE_KEY cookie with the value of the access token you received in step 1.

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