What's New - StormRunner Load

The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner Load.

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Advanced Scheduling

The new Advanced Scheduling feature enables you to configure a script schedule in a load test that more accurately reflects a real life scenario, with multiple instances of Vusers starting and stopping during the test.

For more details, see Advanced mode.

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AppDynamics Integration

You can now integrate with an AppDynamics monitor so that AppDynamics metrics are included in a load test's results.

For more details, see Add an AppDynamics monitor.

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Support Mixed Use of VU and VUH Licenses in a Load Test

A new option enables you to increase the license capacity for a load test by using a combination of VU and VUH license types.

If you select this option, the load test first of all uses VU licenses and when no more are available, then uses VUH licenses to reach the required number of Vusers.

For more details, see License Mode.

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Unique Script Runtime Settings in a Load Test

Runtime settings for a script in a load test can now be set as either local or global.

When set as local, the settings are applicable to the script only in the specific load test and do not apply to the same script when it is included in other load tests.

For more details, see Runtime settings .

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Executive Report (beta)

A new report, which is part of Deep Analysis (beta), provides a two page executive summary of a load test's results for a quick, high-level overview.

The report can be easily accessed from the load test's Runs tab.

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Custom Network Profiles

You can create your own network profiles to apply to a load test, so that you can more accurately emulate your users' network conditions.

You can configure network conditions such as latency, packet loss and bandwidth.

For more details, see Network Emulations.

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Integration with ALM Octane

You can configure StormRunner Load so that you can open a defect in ALM Octane directly from a StormRunner Load report.

For more details, see Open a defect in ALM Octane.

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DevOps Suite

StormRunner Load is a member of the DevOps Suite.

The DevOps Suite is an integrated suite of agile and DevOps tools in a single package. The DevOps Suite helps your Agile and DevOps teams govern, test, and monitor your software. For more information, or to arrange a demo, see DevOps Suite.

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Public API

Additional operations for load generators have been added to our public API.

For more details, see Public API .

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Run Logic

A new runtime setting enables you to set the run logic for a script. You can:

  • add or remove actions and blocks in a block.
  • change the sequence order of actions and blocks in a block.
  • configure the number of iterations a block is run.
  • configure the run logic for a block.

These capabilities, combined with the option of saving a script's runtime settings locally, help you tailor a script for a specific load test.

For more details, see Run Logic.

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Help Center Updates

The help center now includes advanced site search functionality:

  • Intuitive friendly Google-like search
  • Search across all ADM help centers
  • Filter search results by selected products
  • Get results from separate deliverables in one place, such as PDFs and APIs

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