Details, highlights, and run results

The Runs page provides test details, the status and highlights of your load test.

Find out the status of my test run

The Runs tab displays a list of past runs with the status of the run.

The following table summarizes the possible test statuses:

Status Description
Aborted You stopped the test during the initialization.
Failed The test has ended and one or more SLAs were broken.
Halted StormRunner Load stopped the test due to a security limitation.
Passed The test has ended without any failed transactions.
Running The test is currently running.
Stopped You stopped the test and no SLAs were broken.
System error StormRunner Load was unable to run the test due to a server error.

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Test details

The following table lists the data displayed for each test listed:

Item/action Description 
Start time The start date and time of the test.
Duration How long the test ran.
Vusers The numbers of Vusers allocated to the test.
Status The status of your test run.
Benchmark Set a run as a benchmark to compare to other runs on the dashboard.
Navigate to test results

From the Runs tab, highlight a result row to display the following icons:

Click to navigate to the results page.

Click to navigate to the reports page.

Click to export to a .csv file.

Click to navigate to the navigation breakdown report.

Delete a test run

From the Runs tab, highlight a result row and click the X to delete the run.


  • You can delete only test runs that have finished. If a test run has not finished, the X is disabled.
  • Deleted test runs are removed from the list and also from Results, but still appear in the License Usage report (marked as Deleted).

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See the highlights of your results

Above the list of tests, the following results highlights are displayed:

Graph name Graph Description What does it tell me?
Last 5 runs

A graphical representation of the Run list grid. The graph provides a concise view of the last five runs of your load test.

Overview of the status of the last runs of your test. Quickly focus on failed runs.

Top 3 regressions

Comparing the last two runs, the graph displays the top three transactions that slowed the test down the most.

Highlights which transactions in the application have performance regressions during test runs.
Top 3 failing transactions The graph displays the percentage of times that the top three transactions failed. Highlights the transactions in the application that have experienced the most failures.

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Next steps:

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