Load test with your own AWS account

You can run StormRunner Load load tests on physical resources in your Amazon AWS Cloud account.

Configure your AWS to use with StormRunner

Configure your AWS account to perform EC2 operations

To add your AWS account credentials, your AWS user must be allowed to perform EC2 operations. For example:

  • The user could be the root user
  • The user can have the predefined AmazonEC2FullAccess access control policy attached

Contact Micro Focus SaaS to enable private cloud usage on your tenant

Open a support ticket requesting that we configure your StormRunner Load tenant to enable running load tests using your own cloud resources.

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Enable your AWS account for load testing

  1. On the menu bar, click your user name and select AWS account.

  2. Enter your AWS account details.

  3. To read the legal notice, click Show Legal Notice.
  4. Click Apply to add the account to StormRunner Load.
  5. To enable running load tests using resources from your AWS account, select the Enable check box.

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Determine if my AWS account is enabled

The following areas in the StormRunner Load user interface indicate that your AWS account is enabled:

Area What it looks like
Creating a test using a HAR file or creating a REST test

Vusers are allocated instead of API VUH.

Tests running on the cloud uses Vusers

Status bar displays Vusers instead of VUH.

Vuser distribution When defining a load test on load generators in the cloud, the Distribution list displays only AWS locations.

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