StormRunner Load includes the following help content:


Get Started    
  What's New   Describes features introduced or enhanced in this release.
  Introducing StormRunner Load   Describes StormRunner Load's end-to-end workflow.
  Known issues   Describes limitations related to this release.
  StormRunner Load licensing   Describes how to purchase StormRunner Load and track license consumption.


Assets & Tests    
  Manage assets   Describes how to create and manage scripts, monitors, and load generators.
  Manage load tests   Describes how to create and manage load tests.


  View results   Describes how to work with test results.


Project Management    
  Manage project resources   Describes how to create and manage projects


  CI Tools   Describes how to implement CI tools in your StormRunner Load tests.
  TruClient   Describes how to use TruClient, a tool for recording Web-based applications.
  TruAPI   Describes how to use TruAPI, an innovative scripting tool based on node.js.


  Video gallery   Gallery of available StormRunner Load videos.