On-premises load generator configuration tool

This tool enables you to configure your Windows on-premises load generators.

When you install an on-premises load generator, the configuration tool is automatically launched. To run the configuration tool manually, on the load generator machine select Start > StormRunner Load Generator > Configure Load Generator.

General tab

Enter your load generator key and StormRunner Load tenant credentials.

Item Description

An on-premises load generator key is created when you add one under Assets > Load Generators.


User name Your StormRunner Load user name.
Password Your StormRunner Load password.
Tenant Your tenant id.

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Misc tab

Define a proxy URL.

Item Description
Proxy Specify the proxy URL.
Server Specify the server
Log level

Specify the level of log reporting.

  • debug
  • info
  • warn
  • error
Interval (ms) Specify how frequently the agent polls the StormRunner Load server.

If your proxy requires authentication, select the Advanced tab to enter your credentials.

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Environment tab

View the versions of StormRunner Load Agent components.

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Update tab

Check for available updates.

Item Description
Current version The version of StormRunner Load On-premises Load Generator configuration tool currently installed.
Check for updates Check for available updates to the StormRunner Load On-premises Load Generator configuration tool.
Download Download the latest version of StormRunner Load On-premises Load Generator configuration tool.

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Options tab

Configure a log.

Use the Options tab to configure your on-premises load generator to store a log of the last test run, locally. To do this, configure the following:

  • Value: true

The logs are stored in the %TEMP% folder on the load generator machine and start with inj_o_xx.

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