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The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner Load version 3.2 (also known as LoadRunner Cloud).

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Integration with TFS and VSTS

A new extension for Team Foundation Server (TFS, also known as Azure DevOps Server) and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS, also known as Azure DevOps) enables you to integrate a StormRunner Load test as part of a build script.

For more details, see Use the TFS-VSTS plugin.

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Improved support for Jenkins

If you abort a Jenkins job that includes a running load test, the plugin will attempt to stop the load test and download any available results files.

For more details, see Use the Jenkins plugin.

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Support for Selenium over Mocha

StormRunner Load now supports Selenium scripts over the Mocha framework.

For more details, see Selenium using Mocha.

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Added functionality to delete on-premises load generators from assets

You can now easily delete or remove on-premises load generators from the assets list. Delete a load generator when you have a single project or remove a load generator from a project when you work with multiple projects.

For more details, see On-premises load generators.

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NV Insights report

Server time has been added as a new metric on the NV Insights report. This provides an estimate of the time used by the web server to process a request and prepare the response.

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Analysis module (beta) enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the new Analysis module (beta):

  • The graph now displays both SLA thresholds and breaches.
  • The configuration pane now indicates transactions with SLA breaches and a new column also shows the percentage of transactions that are over the threshold.
  • Bulk operations enable you to select a metric and show or hide all of its sub-metrics by type. For example, for a selected transaction you can show or hide all its locations in one go.

For more details, see Analysis (beta).

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New notifications

A new notification type is now included in the notification area. SaaS operators can now push messages to you to inform you of any important issues (for example, a temporary AWS system issue). These messages appear as new notifications in the notification area.

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Notice of deprecation

The feature that enables you to load test using your own AWS account will be deprecated as of December 23, 2018.

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