What's new - StormRunner Load

The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner Load version 3.3 (also known as LoadRunner Cloud).

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Load test initialization

Improvements have been made to decrease the load test initialization time.

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TruWeb encryption

When using a TruWeb script that contains encrypted data, you can create a script key that includes the encryption key and link it to the script. This enables you to run the script without having to expose the encryption key within the script itself.

For more details, see Script keys.

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New Dashboard and Report modules (beta)

The new Dashboard and Report modules (currently in beta) enable you to view and analyze a load test's results. You can easily switch between the current Dashboard and Report views and the new ones.

For more details, see New dashboard and report (beta).

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Display scripts and errors by on-premises load generators

Two new report sections enable you to view which scripts in a load test ran on which OPLG and also which script errors occurred on which OPLG.

For more details, see Learn about report results sections.

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Send a test report to multiple addresses

You can now configure multiple addresses to which to send a load test report.

For more details, see Set general test settings.

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New API operations

New operations have been added to the StormRunner Load API that enable you to modify additional attributes arguments in a script's runtime settings.

For more details, see Public API .

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Domain change

The new StormRunner Load URL includes microfocus.com instead of hpe.com. For example, https://stormrunner-load.saas.microfocus.com/home/?TENANTID=<Your Tenant_ID>&projectId=<Your Project_ID>.

For more details, see Notification of domain change.

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Notice of deprecation

The feature that enables you to load test using your own AWS account (private VPC) has been deprecated.

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