What's New

This What's New provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in Service Virtualization version 2022 R1.

Note: The Help Centers for Service Virtualization 2022 and 2022 R1 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

To view enhancements for the 2022 version, see What's New in 2022.


The Service Virtualization 2022 R1 release introduces numerous enhancements and bug fixes, improving SV product usability and expanding usage. The main new enhancements include data model schema optimization, histograms for performance testing, integration of GIT into SV Designer, improvements in SCA, Docker and troubleshooting, SSO/SAML 2.0, security fixes, and infrastructure updates.

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Data model

Added ability to delete part of the schema from the Data Model editor.

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Performance simulation analysis

Added histograms to SV statistics to enhance granularity of performance test simulation and analysis.

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Added support for GIT integration in SV Designer which enables you to synchronize GIT files directly from SV Designer.

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Service Call Activities

Added ability to override the HTTP SCA URL from data model and scripting.

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This release includes the following troubleshooting updates:

  • Limited default reporting of unexpected HTTP header warnings.

  • Added propagation of SCA failures to the problems list.

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Enhanced Docker configuration by adding more environment variables, simplified the certificate configuration setup process, and consolidated Docker image layers to reduce image size.

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This release includes the following security enhancements:

  • Added SAML 2.0 SSO support.

  • Added independent setup of authentication and authorization providers.

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Infrastructure updates

This release includes the following infrastructure updates:

  • Added support for RedHat 8.5.

  • Upgraded Open SSL to version 1.1.1o.

  • Upgraded MS SQL driver.

  • Upgraded embedded Firebird SQL DB in SV Designer.

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Bug fixes and usability

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Improved stability, performance, and fixed issues in SV Designer and SV Server.

  • Enhanced documentation and demos.

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