Log Files

The Service Virtualization application logs include messages related to each of the Service Virtualization software components - Designer, Server, and Service Virtualization Management, as well as related backup and restore, installation, and licensing logs.

Open logs

You can access the Service Virtualization logs from the Windows Start menu, under All Programs > Micro Focus > Service Virtualization Designer/Server > Designer/Server Log Folder.

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Log locations for Windows

  • Designer:

    %APPDATA%\Micro Focus\Service Virtualization Designer\logs

  • Server:

    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Micro Focus\Service Virtualization Server\logs

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Log locations for Linux

  • RPM


  • TAR


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Configure logging

Messages are written to the log files based on the log levels that are defined in the application configuration files. Log levels include WARN, DEBUG, INFO, and ERROR.

You can change log levels using the Service Virtualization configuration files:

  • Service Virtualization Server configuration file:


  • Designer configuration file:


Changes made to the logging configuration are effective immediately, and do not require an application restart. To disable the ability to make changes without restarting the application, locate the following line in the configuration file and set the value to False:

<add key="log4net.Config.Watch" value="True"/>

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