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This topic introduces the new features and improvements in Service Virtualization 2022 R2.

Note: The Help Centers for Service Virtualization 2022 and 2022 R1 versions are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

To view enhancements for the 2022 and 2022 R1 versions, see What's New in Service Virtualization 2022 and 2022 R1.


The Service Virtualization 2022 R2 release introduces numerous enhancements and bug fixes, improving SV product usability and expanding usage. The main enhancements include enhancements to Protocol Hooks, Service Call Activities and HTTP agents, an introduction to public REST APIs, a new security audit, Kubernetes deployment enhancements, easier upgrades, security fixes, and SV infrastructure updates.

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Protocol Hooks

Added ability to define custom fields in the Protocol Hooks script and access them from Virtual Service Data Models.

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Service Calls Activities

Added ability to access SCA execution status from scripting to simplify working with SCA responses.

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HTTP Proxy

Simplified proxy configuration by adding support for system proxy as chained proxy HTTP agents.

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Initial introduction of the SV Server public REST management API.

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Security Audit

Introduced the security audit file allowing visibility into SV Server user actions. This provides details of successful and failed logins, added and removed users, granted and revoked permissions, modification of system configuration, and access and modifications to system logs.

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Enhanced deployment of SV Server as Docker image and its orchestration by Kubernetes.

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SV Designer

Introduced lock files to prevent concurrent modification of SV projects accessed by concurrently running SV Designers.

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Simplified SV Server and SV Designer upgrades by allowing automatic reuse of certificates from previous versions during installation

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Infrastructure updates

This release includes the following infrastructure updates:

  • .NET 6 is now supported for Linux and Docker deployments.

  • Upgraded Open SSL to version 1.1.1p to address security vulnerabilities.

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Bug fixes and usability

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Improved stability, performance and fixed issues in SV Designer and SV Server.

  • Enhanced documentation and demos.

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