What's New

This What's New provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in Service Virtualization version 2022.


The Service Virtualization 2022 release introduces numerous enhancements and bugfixes, improving SV product usability and expanding usage. The main new enhancements include usage of Service Virtualization for active LoadRunner customers, updated Protocol Hooks API, JMS correlation, versioning alignment, installation, infrastructure, and security updates.

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Service Virtualization installation packages for Linux and Windows are now included with LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise. This enables LoadRunner performance engineers to use Virtual Services and simulations during performance testing by enabling limited capacity of Virtual Service - All Protocols Unlimited licenses using a LoadRunner license. Included usage is one SV Server instance for each LoadRunner license, and only in the context of performance testing.

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Protocol enhancements

Protocol Hooks API. Protocol Hooks API is now generally available. It introduces a new level of customizability making protocol customization simpler. The API provides an easier way to change message payload, protocol header values, and metadata on input and output in all service modes by writing a simple custom code. Examples of usage include creation and processing of custom signatures, implementation of XSLT transformation on input or output, creation of a custom protocol by using a parser for a non-supported message format, and transforming it to already supported message format (such as XML). Protocol Hooks custom code can also be exported to a Virtual Service template allowing reusability in multiple Virtual Services.

JMS. Added ability to change CorrelationID in Data Model

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Other improvements

Versioning. Service Virtualization changed versioning to a year-based scheme to align release numbering with UFT and LoadRunner families.

Installation. Simplified upgrades for users who did not perform an original installation by allowing them to copy encrypted passwords from original users directly from the installer.

Security. Updated log4j, SharpZipLib, and H2 libraries to address security vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure updates. Upgraded the bundled MS SQL database to version 2019. Added the latest version of AutoPass License Server 12.3.

Bugfixes and Usability. Improved stability, performance, and fixed issues in SV Designer and SV Server.

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