File authentication provider

To configure users, you need to edit the /opt/microfocus/sv-server/work/users.txt file. The structure of the user record is:

{user};{password hash};{groups}


Parameter Description
{user} A user name.
{password hash} A hash of the password obtained through the /opt/microfocus/sv-server/sv-ConfigTool utility. For example, to get a hash for the password mypassword, you need to run sv-ConfigTool server-hashPassword mypassword.
{groups} A comma separated list of groups. Allowed groups are: SVM Users,SV Operators,SV Publishers,SV Runtime Administrators,SV Server Administrators

For example, to add the user demo to groups SVM Users and SV Server Administrators, you need to add the following line to the users.txt file:

Example: demo;eRutS9wpxXWQjHOT1Hd4iltgeU+5kfNEEGKZ0TnpazE=;SVM Users,SV Server Administrators

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