Automation example

This example demonstrates how to use the SVConfigurator command line interface to update your local project with data recorded during learning on a Service Virtualization Server. The update command updates the data model, performance model, and service description of a specified service.

For details on using SVConfigurator, see Manage virtual services from the command line.

  1. Deploy your virtual service using the SVConfigurator DEPLOYPROJECT command.
  2. Switch the virtual service into Learning mode using the SVConfigurator CHANGEMODE command.
  3. Start working with your AUT or client application while Service Virtualization records the real service behavior.
  4. Stop learning on the Service Virtualization Server by switching the virtual service to STAND_BY or SIMULATING mode, using the SVConfigurator CHANGEMODE command.
  5. Update your local project with the data learned on the Service Virtualization Server, using the SVConfigurator UPDATE command.
  6. Remove the virtual service from the Service Virtualization Server, using the SVConfigurator UNDEPLOY command.