Scripted Rules

Using a Service Virtualization scripted rule, you can create a script to access request data and set response data.

Using a scripted rule, you can:

  • JavaScript: use any expression from ECMAScript5 strict mode, together with exposed Service Virtualization objects

  • C#: code any algorithmic implementation designed to process messages that are received by Service Virtualization
  • define the script for different contexts, including for a server, service, operation, session, or service call
  • define logging in the script. Messages are logged to the Service Virtualization log file

  • create a custom log file to log request and response data for a specific data element
  • edit the rule in an external text editor

For task details, see Create a Scripted Rule.

DotNet Rule API Reference: For C# API details, see the Service Virtualization DotNet Rule API.