HTTP Service Discovery

Run HTTP Service Discovery to record communication passing through the HTTP(S) Proxy agent, and then create new REST virtual services based on the discovered services.

Create REST virtual services using HTTP Service Discovery

  1. Create or open a virtualization project.
  2. From the main menu, select Tools > HTTP Service Discovery.
  3. Click Start Discovery. Communication passing through HTTP(S) Proxy agents is recorded and displayed.

    Note: Communication intercepted by already existing virtual services is not recorded.

  4. Select all discovered endpoints that should constitute the new service you want to create.

    Tip: You can filter discovered calls by host name, endpoint path, and content type.

  5. Click Create Service. You can review and change pre-filled details, such as service name, endpoints, and agent before creating the virtual service.

Known limitations

The following scenarios can cause unexpected behavior and are not supported:

  • Simultaneously running HTTP Service Discovery and service discovery inside the Topology Editor.
  • Simultaneously running HTTP Service Discovery from two Designers connected to the same Service Virtualization Server.

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