WebSphere MQ root element routing

You can share an IBM WebSphere MQ request or response queue with several virtual services, enabling you to split a large service into multiple, smaller virtual services. In each virtual service you can define which messages should be consumed by specifying the root element of the relevant messages.

Note: Available for SOAP and XML services over WebSphere MQ.

To configure root element routing:

  1. Prerequisite: Enable the WebSphere MQ early access feature. For details, see Early access features.

  2. When creating a new virtual service, define the Request Root Element field for the virtual service, and the Response Root Element field for the real service.

    • SOAP service: The name of the first element within the message body.
    • XML service: The root element of the message.
  3. To modify an existing virtual service, edit the endpoint properties. In the Virtual Service Editor, under Service Configuration, click Edit to access the Edit Endpoints dialog box.