Simulation Report Scenario 1

Why didn't the client request match any rules in my data model?

1. Your client application is complaining about the response data

Service Virtualization returned the default response:

2. In the Service Debugging section, enable Message Logging and Simulation Report:

3. Send the request again. Messages are logged and the simulation report is generated.

Click Show Service Logs to open the message viewer.


4. Review the logged messages

The first operation called was memberSearch. It returned the default response. We want to fix this.

5. Open the simulation report

At the bottom of the message viewer, click Open Simulation Report

6. The simulation report indicates that the Learned Rule did not match any data during simulation


7. Let's look at the first step of Cycle 1

8. Inside the Learned Data rule

The Is condition is mistakenly defined for memberSearchResponse

9. Let's fix it in the Data Model

Navigate to the Learned Data rule and select the memberSearch operation.

10. Let's try sending the request again

The client is now working correctly.