Simulation Report Scenario 2

Why didn't my rule write any response data?

1. Your client application is returning the wrong response

The client is reporting that the claim was approved, but you know that it should not be approved.

2. The memberSearch operation seems fine, so let’s check the getMemberPlan operation in the simulation report

You can see that the TestPlan for Sherlock with $300 Limit rule did not write anything


3. Let's take a closer look

Click inside the step to get more details

4. Compare the values before and after processing

We see that approvalLimit was not changed when the action was executed.

This is because the current rule is priority 2, but the value 500 was set by the priority 1 rule, and may not be overwritten.

5. Let’s go to the Data Model Editor and increase the rule priority so it's higher than the Learned Data rule

Then restart simulation.

6. The client is now working as expected