Configure the HTTP(S) Proxy agent

This task describes how to configure the Service Virtualization HTTP(S) proxy agent.

The HTTP(S) Proxy agent serves to virtualize HTTP and HTTPS communication. No endpoint is created, and an HTTP(S) proxy is used to receive and forward client communication to a real service HTTP or HTTPS endpoint.

  1. Configure the agent settings

    The HTTP(S) proxy agent dynamically generates certificates for requested hosts on the fly. The certificates are signed by the configured certificate authority (CA). Configure the CA certificate and private key in the HTTP(S) Proxy agent configuration.

    From the main menu, select Tools > Options. On the Agents Page, select HTTP(S) Proxy. For user interface details, see the HTTP(S) Proxy agent settings.

  2. Configure the client

    The client must trust certificates signed using a configured CA or the communication may fail due to rejection by the client.