Configure the IBM IMS TM agent

This task describes how to configure the IBM IMS TM agent. The IBM IMS TM Agent is used to virtualize IBM IMS Transaction Manager (TM) services that are exposed using the IMS Connect protocol over a TCP/IP network.

The IBM IMS TM agent is used as an IMS TM gateway. The clients communicate directly with the agent. Then the agent either forwards the traffic to the actual IMS TM during pass-through (Standby mode) or recording (Learning mode), or simulates the response. The communication is always forwarded to IMS TM if it does not belong to any of the deployed services. For more details, see Create a Virtual Service.

  1. Prerequisites

    The following types of integration scenarios are supported:

    • A client using IMS Connect API.
    • A client using IMS TM Resource Adapter (managed and unmanaged).

  2. Configure the agent settings

    From the main menu, select Tools > Options. On the Agents Page, select IBM IMS TM and click Add. Define settings for the new configuration. For user interface details, see the IBM IMS TM agent settings.