Import .pcap Files

You can import .pcap files to use captured network traffic in your simulation.


  1. Prerequisite: Enable the Pcap early access feature. For details, see Early access features.

  2. In the Data Model Editor, expand a rule.
  3. In the Operations pane, make sure the virtual service name is selected, and not an individual operation.
  4. Right-click the data rule and select Import Pcap.
  5. Select a .pcap file stored in the file system.

  6. For REST services, select a specific URI space to import the data into.
  7. In the Select Streams dialog box, select one or more streams to import.

    The Select Streams dialog box displays all usable TCP streams in the .pcap file. Service Virtualization discards TCP streams with gaps.

    The Size column displays the total number of bytes in the request and response streams.

    Tip: Click a source or destination address to view the full source/destination path of the TCP connection.