Update a service description

This task describes how to update a service description using the command line.

Run the Update command

You can update the service description from a new WSDL of a virtual service located in the file system using command line.

To perform an update, run Run ResourceManager.exe -update from the command line, using the options described below.

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Update command options



/f [source_path] Source path. The path to the project file (.vproj) or project archive file (.vproja). For example, Resources\MyVirtualProject\VirtualProject1.vproj
/sn [service_name] Service name. The name of the original service which you want to duplicate. The service_name must be the name of a service that already exists in the specified project.
/sd [new_service_description] New service description. The URL or local file path of the new service description used to update the service.
/ppw Project encryption password. The project encryption password required to deploy an encrypted project. For details, see Password encryption.

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Update command example

The following example provides a new description for the MemberAccounts service.

Example: ResourceManager.exe -update /f "Resources\MyVirtualProject.vproj" /sn "MemberAccounts" /sd "http://localhost:8733/NewService/?wsdl"

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