Create Multiple Virtual Services Wizard

This wizard enables you to create multiple SOAP virtual services based on WSDL documents.

Note: Available for SOAP over HTTP(S) services only.

To access

To launch the Multiple Virtual Services wizard, in an existing project, select one of the following:

  • From the main menu, select File > New > Multiple Virtual Services.

  • In the Virtualization Explorer, right-click a virtualization entity and select Add > Multiple Virtual Services.

Import Real Service Descriptions Page

Specify locations of service descriptions for real services. Enter a list of paths to .wsdl files, separated by semicolons, or the path to a CSV file containing the paths to the .wsdl files.

If you are using a CSV file, each wsdl path/URL must be in its own row, and optionally may contain login credentials if they are required, separated by commas. For example, http://server/service?wsdl,user,password.

Real Service Endpoints Page

This page displays the services and endpoints identified in the files you specified. Choose the services and endpoints that you want to virtualize.

Agent Selection Page

Supported agent types are displayed. Select an agent configuration for each agent to use for your new virtual services.

Summary of Virtualization Page

Displays a summary of how many services were created.

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