Edit Metadata Dialog Box

The Edit Metadata dialog box enables you to edit metadata for the current service description. Metadata are parameters that contain some protocol-specific information such as time stamps, correlation information, or status codes. They are part of the protocol message, but external to the message body, such as URL parameters, or HTTP headers.

To access In the Service Description Editor, under Request Metadata or Response Metadata, select Edit.
Important information Items displayed in gray are disabled.
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See also Service Descriptions

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Enable Activate the selected metadata. This is the default status.

Deactivate the selected metadata. Disabled metatada are not available for viewing or editing in the Data Model Editor, and values for disabled metadata are not learned or simulated.

Disabled metadata are displayed in gray.

Add Opens the Add New Metadata dialog box. Enter a name and select a type for the new metadata. The types available vary based on the protocol with which you are working.
Edit Enables you to modify the selected item.

Removes the metadata from all data models in the virtual service, and deletes the metadata's related data.