Export Rows Dialog Box

Export messages and the related protocol headers to text files from one or more rows in a rule.

To access
  1. In the Data Model Editor, expand a rule.
  2. Right-click a row, or select multiple rows and right-click, and select Export Rows.
See also
  • Export request and/or response data. Each request or response part of a message is saved in a separate text file. The request headers and response headers are also exported each as a separate file.
  • Specify an output folder on the file system for exported data.
  • Define a meaningful prefix and suffix for exported filenames, or accept the default values.

    By default, files are named as follows:

    <file prefix>-<row number>-<request or response>.<file suffix>

    where the file prefix is composed from export-<date>-<time(24-hour clock)>.

    For example, export-20150602-192739-1-request.txt.

Tip: Use the Select Requests/Select Responses links at the bottom to quickly select only request or response data.

Note: Only populated fields are exported.

Sample export: