Select Service Operation Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure a virtual service to call external services.

To access
  1. In the Data Model Editor, select the operation from which you want to call the external service.
  2. Click Activity > Import Activities, enter the path to the WSDL schema, and click Next.
Important information

Service call activity is supported for:

  • SOAP services over HTTP or JMS

  • Binary over HTTP, JMS, WebSphere, or File System

  • XML services over HTTP, JMS, WebSphere MQ, or Filesystem

  • REST services

  • Fixed Length messages over TCP

  • CSV over File System and WebSphere

Relevant tasks Modify Virtual Service Behavior
See also Data modeling

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Service operation

The list of operations available for the service call activity.

Add the activity after response

Runs the activity after the response is sent to the client.

By default, the service call activity is added to the rule before the response.

Do not add an activity now. Import the service description for later use.

Imports the service description document. No activity is added to the current rule.